No client is bound by any kind of contract.

Whilst we would appreciate a little notice if a client should decide to revise their arrangements, we certainly won't make life difficult !

Rates - accounting and payroll services

Business differ in their needs to such an extent that it is virually impossible to prepare a realistic schedule of rates.

Instead, we generally suggest visiting your premises to briefly examine existing records (if any) and discuss your specific requirements.

Needless to say, all information is treated as confidential and no fee is charged for the visit.

Once we have a clear idea of your needs, we will issue a detailed quotation outlining not only the services currently required, but also others which may be of interest later.

Should you accept any part of our initial quotation, all other rates therein will be held constant for a further six months, thus giving you the option of budgeting for possible future requirements.

After submitting a quotation, we will make a point of contacting you so that we can respond to any queries you may have.

If you decide our services might be of interest, we will be pleased to remain in contact with you.

If, however, you are still considering your options or have decided to make other arrangements, we will, of course, respect your wishes as regards any future contact.

Under no circumstances will we plague you with unsolicited telephone calls.

Payment - accounting and payroll services

All our services are subject to Vat, currently at the 21.00% rate.

Invoices are issued monthly, usually after the month's processing has been completed.

Your preferred method of payment may be selected from the following options:

Monthly standing order (in which case you will qualify for a 2% discount)

Within fifteen days from the date our invoice was issued

Where there is a considerable backlog, we recognise that cashflow considerations may preclude immediate payment for retrospective service months.

Extended credit facilities are, therefore, negotiable to accommodate individual business needs.