Getting started

Initially, we transfer and validate all existing account and payroll details to our computer system.

This varies depending on what information - if any - is available, but might include:

  • Ledger Accounts or Analysis Headings
    • Name
    • Balance
  • Clients and Customers
    • Name
    • Balance
    • Vat number
    • Contact details
  • Suppliers and Subcontractors
    • Name
    • Balance
    • Vat number
    • RCT information (subcontractors)
    • Contact details
  • Employees
    • Name
    • Paye and Prsi references, categories, tax credits
    • Pay details
    • Contact details
  • Equipment
    • Original cost
    • Accumulated depreciation
    • Depreciation policy

In the event of opening balances being either unknown or unavailable, your system will be created and maintained on a pending basis and amended as and when appropriate.

Since errors and omissions generally become apparent during this initial stage, it is our policy to generate an "action schedule" containing all our comments, queries and suggestions.

When convenient, we'll ask you to examine our schedule.  Some of our queries may turn out to be irrelevant, but others may require a specific action to resolve a potential problem.

We know it is inevitable that not all information will be absolutely accurate or readily available, so we are quite prepared to make corrections and revisions as necessary.


We're sorry to have to mention such an unpopular word, but this is the one and only discipline we ask our clients to exercise !

In conjunction with yourselves, we will set up a simple system to assist you to batch documents and forward them for processing at regular intervals.

Processing intervals vary depending upon the type of business and services required.  Generally, however, we recommend operating a weekly or two-weekly routine.

This not only ensures a true reflection of the business's financial status, but also enables the timely completion of statutory returns.

Reminders (or Nag when Necessary)

Whilst all proprietors and directors are well aware of the importance of keeping accounting records up-to-date, the pressures of running a business can - occasionally - lead to a lapse of memory !

We do not attempt to enforce rigid routines, but we will make a point of contacting you should we feel cause for concern, ie

  • Unusual delay in receiving invoices
  • Payments/Receipts not processed recently
  • Bank statement not reconciled recently
  • Credit card statement not reconciled recently
  • Payroll information not received
  • Statutory return/s due shortly
  • Outstanding queries not resolved
  • etc

Backlogs and Chaos Control

Sometimes tomorrow never comes. What started life as a small pile of paper has gone forth and multiplied and now occupies umpteen assorted cardboard boxes !

Producing a set of accounts has become a distant dream and those Revenue reminder letters just keep coming.

Don't despair - creating order from chaos is one of our specialities.

We can transform what seems an impossible muddle into a practical accounting system, complete with neatly filed documents.

Not only will you have a set of accounts, but you'll also be in a position to submit all outstanding statutory returns.

Instead of ignoring the problem - let us make it go away.