Statutory returns

When it comes to popularity, the completion of statutory returns must be right at the bottom of everyone's list !

Whilst you might regard government forms as a non-productive waste of time, it is important to remember that non-compliance can incur heavy financial penalties - leading to potentially disastrous consequences.

If this is a job you hate, you'll be pleased to know that both our bookkeeping and payroll services will provide all the information necessary for the completion of your returns.

And if you wish, we'll even complete the forms ready for your signature and submission to the relevant government body.

Typically, the forms are as follows:

Vat 3

Two-monthly return of vat received and vat paid

Vat 3 RTD (Return of Trading Details)

End of year return of all goods and services sold and received, analysed by vat rate and category

RCT 47 / 48 (Relevant Contracts Tax)

Annual record of individual payments and tax deducted in respect of each subcontractor employed

RCT 30

Monthly return of tax deducted from subcontractors

RCT 35

Main contractor end of year return of all payments and tax deductions for subcontractors


Monthly return of total paye and prsi payable/repayable


Employer end of year return of all payments, paye, prsi and insurable weeks in respect of each payroll employee


End of year statement of payments, paye, prsi and insurable weeks issued to each member staff in your employ at the end of the tax year.

P45 (Cessation certificate)

Issued to staff leaving your employ and containing a resume of payroll values (payments, paye/prsi deductions, tax credit, tax basis, prsi basis, insurable weeks, date of leaving, etc)