Perhaps your business could manage very happily using a service based on a simple analysis of income and expenditure.

If your needs are more complex, then a service utilising the double-entry ledger system may be the better choice.

Whilst selecting the accounting method is an important decision, the really vital element is ensuring it actually works !  As with so many things, it's not what you do - it's the way that you do it.

Both systems - when correctly maintained - are capable of producing a wide range of analyses and clients are always free to select the content and frequency of reports they would find most helpful.

Don't feel restricted - providing the data exists in the system, we'll regularly provide any analysis or report you require.

The nature of your business will probably influence your choice, but the following are all valuable resources and provide considerable insight into your financial position:

  • Management accounts
  • Debtors (Sales) listing
  • Creditors (Purchases) listing
  • Bank/Credit card reconciliation/s
  • Petty Cash reconciliation
  • Vat analysis
  • Paye/Prsi analysis

There will, of course, be occasions when you will require a one-off report for a specific purpose.  Providing the information is available from the system, there is generally no difficulty in responding promptly and positively to such requests.

It's reassuring to know that - whichever accounting method you choose - leaving the processing to us will ensure your system is maintained to the highest possible standard.