This is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks faced by smaller businesses and is probably the cause of most administrative headaches.

It has to be done at regular intervals and it has to be right !

Whether it's simple or complex, we'll cheerfully cope with all your payroll processing and can calculate based on any pay basis required, ie,

  • weekly, fortnightly, monthly
  • gross to net pay
  • net to gross pay
  • fixed salary or wage
  • variable additions
  • hourly rates
  • daily rates
  • weekly rates
  • bonuses
  • expense payments
  • variable deductions
  • pension deductions
  • health insurance deductions
  • loan repayments
  • benefit in kind
  • employee contributions
  • employer contributions

At the conclusion of each payroll run, we'll provide whatever information is necessary to make your life easy, ie,

  • payslips
  • gross to net pay listings
  • cheque listings
  • bank transfer listings
  • coin analysis
  • etc

Whether you have only one person or many more on your payroll, we'll be very happy to provide our usual high standard of service